Jim D'Amato DRAW exhibition w/ Richard Serra, Alex Grey, and Shepard Fairey @ Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Rebirth, 2008. Ballpoint on paper, 23" x 18". Available @ Shooting Gallery

Jim D’Amato’s work will be included in "DRAW", an international, groundbreaking, art exhibition. Conceived by the Fuse Gallery, "DRAW" was seen by over 2000 people at its opening last year in London. The exhibition connects a wide array of visual artists though the medium of drawing.

It will include artwork from luminaries of contemporary art and pop culture including: Richard Serra (widely considered the world’s greatest living artist), Alex Grey (legendary visionary painter), and Shepard Fairey (creator of the iconic Barack Obama HOPE image), among others.

Jim D’Amato’s intricate ballpoint pen drawing "Rebirth" was chosen for the show. "DRAW" will be on view at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, CA from 4/11/095/7/09.

Throughout 2009-2010, the exhibition will tour the world, and will be shown at leading contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Tokyo, and Berlin. This provides viewers the unique opportunity to experience the exhibition in an international setting.

For more information and to view the artwork in the show please contact:

Fuse Gallery

Shooting Gallery

839 Larkin St

San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 931-8035