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Through the Paradox

"Through the Paradox", 2010. Acrylic on canvas. 30" x 30".
© 2010, Jim D'Amato


Windows of Perception @ CULTUREfix

Jim’s work will be included in “Windows of Perception” at CULTUREfix.

Curated by Savannah Spirit, the show addresses how artists break through assumed psychological and emotional barriers to alter our perceptions of the universe.

Through their work artists Jim D'Amato, Carla Gannis, Tasja Keetman, Max Langhurst, Jen Mazza and Sadie Weis ask questions that shift our perspective, and reveal that what we see is not always what it seems.

CULTUREfix itself challenges notions of what a contemporary art space can be. A hybrid gallery and multimedia lounge, CULTUREfix provides an interdisciplinary venue for creative exploration.

Windows of Perception opens on Friday June 25th from 7-11 pm. The show is from Friday June 25th until Tuesday July 13th. We hope to see you there.

For more information please contact:

CULTUREfix: 9 Clinton St. NYC 10002


Above: "Another Life", 2010. Acrylic on canvas. 36" x 36". ©2010, Jim D'Amato


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Floating through Dark Spaces

"Floating through Dark Spaces", 2010. Giclee print on archival paper. 12" x 12". Available soon at jim-damato.com
© 2010, Jim D'Amato


Unaffordable Art Fair and Single Fare

We are pleased to announce that Jim’s work will be shown at The Unaffordable Art and Single Fare.

The Unaffordable Art Fair is curated by artists Gregory de la Haba, and CJ Nye. It poses questions about art as commodity, and sheds light on the notion that artists are a driving economic force. It is a hybrid of an alternative space art fair, and a pop up exhibition.

Single Fair is organized by artists Michael Kagan and Jean Pierre Roy. Every artwork in the show has been created on a Metrocard. In this case the seemingly disposable Metrocard becomes a symbol for New York’s kinetic artistic community, and an odd surface upon which many creative possibilities can take place. Single Fare has already been featured in the New York Times, prior to it’s opening.

Jim created “Space Trip” (pictured above) for the show.

Both exhibitions have opening parties on Saturday May 8th from 6-9 pm. We hope to see you at both shows! For more information go to:

The Unaffordable Art Fair

154 Stanton St. 2nd Flr. NYC 10002

Fri May 7th- Sun May 9th 2010


Single Fare

224 Grand St. Brooklyn NY 11211

Sat May 8th- Wed May 12th 2010



Seek the Future

"Seek the Future", 2009. Silkscreen ink on archival watercolor paper. 15" x 11". © 2010, Jim D'Amato


Severed Shadow

“Severed Shadow”. Multimedia & Adobe Photoshop.12" x 12".
Giclee print available Summer 2010. ©2010 Jim D’Amato.


The Dream

“The Dream”. Ballpoint pen on paper. 14" x 11".

© 2010 Jim D’Amato.


Inside the Sketchbook 2...

"Inside the Sketchbook 2". Ballpoint pen on paper. 7" x 5.5".
© 2010, Jim D'Amato.


The Paradox

"The Paradox". Acrylic and ink on canvas. 36" x 36".
© 2010, Jim D'Amato.



"Survival". Silkscreen ink on archival watercolor paper. 15" x 11.5".
© 2010, Jim D'Amato.


New works @ Whitney Museum Store, Chicago Cultural Center, & Chambers Art Hotel

We are pleased to announce that new Jim D’Amato artworks are available at the Whitney Museum Store, Chicago Cultural Center, and Chambers Art Hotel.

If you are in NYC and plan on going to the 2010 Whitney Biennale (begins Feb. 25th), please go to the Whitney Museum Store’s Art-o-Mat machine, and see these new intricate, phantasmagorical works. They continue Jim’s ongoing series of drawings available through Art-o-Mat.

Others pieces from the series are in Chicago, at the Chicago Cultural Center. One of the preeminent cultural landmarks in the United States, the center offers over 1000 unique programs every year that encompass visual, literally, and performing arts. Presidents, royalty, and other prominent figures have visited the center.

Work can also be seen in Minneapolis, at the Chambers Art Hotel. The hotel is a truly unique destination, which is completely dedicated to contemporary art. Throughout it’s rooms and restaurants the hotel displays over 200 original artworks from leading contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst, Ashley Bickerton, and Will Cotton. It has been called the nation’s first “luxury art hotel.”

If you are in any of the above cities, please go see these new artworks.

For more information please go to:

Whitney Museum of American Art


Chicago Cultural Center


Chambers Art Hotel



X Initiative BYOA Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that Jim’s artwork will be shown at X Initiative’s BYOA from 2/3/10- 2/4/10. BYOA is a truly unique exhibition that invites artists in different disciplines into an experimental, curatorial event in a museum quality setting.
The show is located at the former home of the DIA museum, and is inspired by a concept from the legendary curator Walter Hopps.

Jim’s painting “Lost in the Darkness” (pictured above) will be shown at BYOA. This work takes Jim’s esoteric abstractions to a larger scale, and begins to imply a strange narrative element to his body of work.

Jim’s work will be on view Wednesday Feb 3rd after 5 pm. We hope to see you at the show!

For more information please go to: http://x-initiative.org/blog/
X Initiative
548 W 22nd St. NYC 10011

Image: "Lost in the Darkness". Acrylic and ink on canvas.
44” x 42”. © Jim D'Amato, 2010.


Destroyer of Myths

"Destroyer of Myths". Silkscreen ink on archival watercolor paper. 11.5" x 15".
© 2010, Jim D'Amato.