New works @ Whitney Museum Store, Chicago Cultural Center, & Chambers Art Hotel

We are pleased to announce that new Jim D’Amato artworks are available at the Whitney Museum Store, Chicago Cultural Center, and Chambers Art Hotel.

If you are in NYC and plan on going to the 2010 Whitney Biennale (begins Feb. 25th), please go to the Whitney Museum Store’s Art-o-Mat machine, and see these new intricate, phantasmagorical works. They continue Jim’s ongoing series of drawings available through Art-o-Mat.

Others pieces from the series are in Chicago, at the Chicago Cultural Center. One of the preeminent cultural landmarks in the United States, the center offers over 1000 unique programs every year that encompass visual, literally, and performing arts. Presidents, royalty, and other prominent figures have visited the center.

Work can also be seen in Minneapolis, at the Chambers Art Hotel. The hotel is a truly unique destination, which is completely dedicated to contemporary art. Throughout it’s rooms and restaurants the hotel displays over 200 original artworks from leading contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst, Ashley Bickerton, and Will Cotton. It has been called the nation’s first “luxury art hotel.”

If you are in any of the above cities, please go see these new artworks.

For more information please go to:

Whitney Museum of American Art


Chicago Cultural Center


Chambers Art Hotel



  1. Jim, what works will be available through the art-o-mat (size and price)? I've seen this at the biennial, but never investigated the art options further. This yr may be different!

  2. Hey Lydia,

    The pieces aren't at the Biennial, but they will be at the museum store when the Biennial is taking place. Drawings chosen from a series of 50 new works are there. You can't see which drawing you get until you buy one, which adds a little mystery to the experience.